Workshop Skills

When I was 15 my life became crazy. I got hypnotised without getting asked,… and this changed everything in my life for me!

I stoped watching TV and stopped playing games! I became in every subject in school one note better. And after school I found myself by accident working for the Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research, the biggest organisation for applied research and development services in Europe. …and I became a Nerd!

I learned for fun 3D Software because I had early access to this Software. And I got a 3D Scan of myself in the year 2000 in the Fraunhofer Institut when 3D Print was still bounded to patent rights.

As a Nerd, … yes I´m more than a clown… I learned lock picking for research reasons. The following years I spend a lot time in front of PC´s.

Since 2011 I started traveling the world and I still do. Since them I share clown noses and went to a lot of

After thousands and thousands clown noses I gave away and people calling me Guacamole the clown, than I start visited some clown workshops, meet some street artists and learnt some clown/magic trick stuff on the way, while traveling.

Since 2013 I gave a variety of workshops for hundreds and hundreds of people now. My main or favourite and oldest workshop is the “communication” workshop where I had the most visitors and the most experiences. It`s also the longest workshop, now… 😉

Kargyraa I learn by accident and loved it! I did not even now how to call this sounds before I learnd that its called Kargyraa a way of overtone singing/throat singing/polyphonic singing that is famous for meditation, relaxation and to archive amazing things***

And also it sounds and feels really nice,…

After a longer journey I developed to build a prototyp

That was one reason I started to develop my own 3D printer and do some plastic reycycling. Now I work on a huge secret project.


What I like to share is my “Wim Hof” style experience with Kargyraa and the Wimhof method. I was on a rainbow and I missed the Wimhof workshop and that´s the reason I had in mind why not to try it by yourself…