Where to sleep for free

Its so easy,.. wow… I never had a Problem! And I sleept everywhere,.. in citys, next to highways, in old buildings and in new buildings, in gardens, fields, forest and jungle. Beaches, cars and even on a ship I sleept for free. And you can/should do it to….

In citys:

  • Stuff like couchsurfing
  • In a Park, next to a river
  • In a social club, hacker space, meet ups, or by asking
  • Use your navigation system to find bigger green fields
  • On weekends or closed days,… look for schools, or other empty buildings

In the wild:

Thats to easy,.. sure there is this law situation, but I never knew and I give a fuck..

You find allways a place where to sleep,.. sometimes It takes some walking time but I always find something and I never was waked up…

Places I sleeped without a problem.

  • Next to hunderts of gasstations.
  • On a main marketplace in Mexico, in one of the poorest citys I ever visited
  • Near mine fields in Bosnia and next to a gasstation there
  • On beach where 5 people get killed 6 days after I was there
  • In an Amsterdammer Park
  • And I have hunderts of hippie friends they traveld also without