Where to go first?

Thats easy. My recommendation would be fallowing, … start from your home 😉

There are probeeretly so much places in your own country that you never expirenced. From famous lakes and maybe acess to mountains and beaches. Historical landmarks or big or small places you heard about. What stops you to check some of them out first before you visit the other side of the world? It´s still this world 😉

Why to fly somewhere and not travel over land? An example:

Lets speak about me. I´m from germany… and once I liked to go to Greece. Thats around 3 000km away. And because flights are cheap it would only cost me to go there by plane around 50-100 Euros. But I thought we to pay for it. I found a girl she also liked to go there and we choosed to hitchhike togegther.

A really good decision…

It was amazing,

  • you safe money
  • you meet wonderful people all around
  • you see and discover places you would not see in an other way
  • you get invitations you would not get in a plan
  • you can always go to an ugly expensive airport