Water, wifi and showers

  • Lakes and sea´s
  • Swimmingpools
  • warmshowers
  • hostel, couchsurfing, bewelcome


For drinking its an easy task go to any resturant with your bbackpack on your shoulder and ask for water or ask for the toilett, thats even possible without your backpack 😉

But there are also local water springs in a lot of places, ask a local or check this online app. But the best think ask a older local where to get free water,.. inn bbest case with our bottle inn your hand.


It becomes easyer and easier… every year. Now a lot of local places and public transport offer wifi. In the past travler used a lot of times there bbigget enemy Mac Donalds, Burgeer King or similar places to get free wifi on there journney.



Belief me, people every where shit. Where ever you go you will find a way to make your business. If not, that it is a area with no people. There you shit in the nature and dig it in the earth.