Travel with 3 Euros a month

I know it sounds crazy, but it happend and thats one reason why that´s my favorite story to inspire people about how cheap, easy and awesome it is to travel and that everybody can do it because everybody have a way to spend or make 3 Euros a month.

Ok now the story how we did it. We because we was in total 10 people and we spend all together 30 Euros a month for food, sleeping and traveling and we even had a car to run on fuel/Diesel.

And to be honest it was even not necessary to spend 3 Euros a month. We did it only because we liked good food. Sometimes we liked to eat a vegetarian Burger or like to have a good souce to our meal together with a huge tasty salat.

We did it like this:

  • We run the Car with fried vegetable oil that we got for free on the way.
  • When we drove we mostly drove in the night and checked the closed supermarket´s dumpster on the way.
  • And because fuel was not a problem we could check at many dumpsters as we want.
  • PS: We dumpstert 100 beer, hummer, rochen und Oktupus… from good cheese to kilos of koffee
  • When we like to sleep we drove to a quite forrest or stoped near a lake, river or near a small city.
  • More info’s about this story at the end of this article ,..

it probertly was the best time in my traveling life


Some Pictures