Make money while traveling

Ok, ok, later we speak about how to make money online while traveling, but for now more the hippie, streetlife, vanlife etc way. Later in this article we speak about how to make some income online while traveling. But before in my point of few the more funny, self developing way annd direct way. Where you interect with real people instread alone with your eyes fixed on the Computer with the hope to make some money online. WIth the real oldschool travler way you can make money direct, everywhere with the huge benefit to meet locals.

But here a link to make really money online even with a useful traveling skill. But first belief my you want and should read this article…

Some ideas how to make money while traveling – the meet the locals – busker way:

Make music if you can. You will meet people they play with you you will get some money even if you only can play one song and not perefect yet. It´s more the act of doing somethinng for your money! I know people the use street bbusking to bbecome bbetter and use the money as a benifit why to learn plaing at home? Guitar or Jogeling you can

Offer your help

– In front of a construction market – (Best Tip)

– With a knife sharpener

– Make some Balloons

– Make some Bubbles

– Make money with your Artwork

  • Magic tricks or Hpnosis show

Ask for money

It sounds crazy and it´s no my way but listen to the upcoming and thing about it.

I spend some time in Swiss and I meet a local lady around 25-30 years old and I spoke with her about what I heard from busking in Swiss. I heard that you can make 200Euros in an hour. She told me it should be totally possible because a friend of her would make by asking for money 250 Euros in an hour. As a punk.

And normally you make more or better money when people can take something home. Like a balloon a CD or some bubble liqit or bubble sticks. Or some handmade art.

A friend of mine made together with 3 others in 4 hours 800 Euros. Its possible but she sings like an angel and I guess the rest of the band was also quite good. And for sure its always depended on the weather and the location.

Construction market

This is my special traveling tip. You will not only make money, probertly you also will find a free sleeping place and some food and maybe friends for life. And its easy.

Go to a construction market and ask people if they need help with something? Maybe in the garden or with there new construction? Renovate a room? Paint a fence,… cut the gras,.. the limits are only in your mind.

Not everybody needs help but the people they invite you to there place will offer you proberetly in the end of the night a sleeping place and some free food if they figure out how you travel and if you behave like a nice person.

Make Bubbles

I meet in Portugal some busking couple from Poland and they made there money for traveling in Lisboa Portugal. With this money they even rented a place with an elevator!!! They made every day around 70-100 Euros in some hours. More than normal working people from Portugal make on a day! Enough to spend 400-500 Euros for a nice flat.

Here you find some bubble recipes:

Make Animal Balloons

Before I start how fast you can learn it, how much fun it is and that people use this balloons even to make art, about this we speak soon but first my favourite story.

I meet in Portugal a lady she did Balloons only for donation since 12 years and she told me her story. She only did 3 different balloons in the first year and made in 2 to 3 hours around 150 – 200 Euros a day! Much more than all the people the worked in this place. They made around 700-900 in this area when they where payed well!

Since them she only worked between 6 and 9 o´clock and made still around 150-200 Euros a day even in this short working time. She learnd to make more animal or balloons figures but that´s not broth her more money. She told me this because at this time I can do also only 3 different balloons. A flower a sword and a dog.

How to make money online while traveling

What skill do you have? That could help to no, but even “skill less” listen to this.

But with no skills I can tell you in a way how to make some money online but that skill can also is more than useful while traveling.

Learn how to make a website. Wait before you stop going away,.. to learn something new is for a lot of people a “problem” but It was never that easy before in history! Now its the time you can do it in only one day! … read the hole article.

Make money with Artwork

You can paint? You make art stuff with stuff you find on your journey?

A lot of my hippie freinds sell there art and jeverlery an etsy or similar sites.

Here some stuff I recommend or tryed I meet people on my journey they did this.

Wire tree

Space spry pictures

The knife sharping service

Another crazy idea what you could do. The easiest service that you can offer on your journey. Travel with a knife sharpening stone and walk from door to door to offer this service. I guess in some countries its illegal but this you need to check or simple give a fuck.

Maybe it sounds crazy but I notest on a journey in Mexico that is there a real job. Where people walk around an that´s there only regular job. Even in Germany when I was young I remember people ringing hour bell to offer this service. And specially if you tell your story about traveling the world you will find some people the like to get some knifes or scissors sharpend for a small fee or a donation.

Again some privat clown storys from my journey…

Buh for me I not did it so often, but it was never a probblem to get the bbasics, and I think I can speak for all the hunderts and thousands of travler I meet on my journeys they life onnly like this.

Magic tricks or Hypnosis show

The hole grail of busking. You can make so much money that you only can sleep in hotels and travel by plane. Every week if you like. And even can become famous with a bit of work. But again I start with a short story.

I meet a guy that only made once a week between one and two hypnosis shows in the streets. Normally. This was enough money for him to pay for hotels and hostels (he preferred hostels because of lifestyle reasons). And if you did your streethypnosis right, it right you can even find even clients for the next days to work with. From stop smoking to loss weight. Only on client can bring you between 150-300 Euros depends on the country.

He used Magic tricks to generate some attention and than he start his stage or streethypnosis thing. And es he told me it worked really well.

Making money as a clown while traveling

One more thing about making money as a clown is that amazing following story.