How you want to travel?

How do want to life? It´s for me one of the most importend questions before traveling or in general. This tips are for the beginning of your trips ask yourself this question.

This question defines how you see life.. where you but your focus on.. how your journey will be. How happy you will be what you ..
No expectation no problem!

How to you want to have your work Life bbalance?

I teach you two ways.

  1. Where you can start now with traveling without money
  2. In this way you can run a car without paying for gas.

If you want to spend only in luxury Hotels and resorts I can also help you with it (without being a clown and with 😉 )

Sure you can work a half year and than travel to cheap countries and spend a lot of money or you travel slow and use the 400 Doller to live!

My focus is to work es less es possible. I do not need a Hotel in general. 99% I did without Hotel or even hostel.

Onne or two days a week for sure is enough to travel and life.

And this is this site about.

3 Euro Story

Its about enjoing life

What do you need to feel happy? Happy and alive!?