Hitchhiking rulez

Why not? You want to travel cheap? You want to meet people from all over the world? Make new experiences see, feel, smell and come in contact with new cultures? Than there is no better way, and I tell you here why hitchhiking is the way to go…

  • My highlights
  • My bad storys (really short)

First of all it´s 99% free,.. to that one percent we come later,…

Its damn free,… like you, should be… when you travel… can you imagine a flight back when you meet a girl you fall in love with? Or even you meet a group of awesome people and they invited you for free diving or a crazy party…

You are not dependet to get this one bus, you see thinks you would not see on the way and meet people you would not meet. That´s the best way to get a invatation!

Hitchhiking tips:

  • Look friendly
  • Be open and look clean
  • Ask people instead of wait at the end of a gas station

Hitchhiking Software:

  • An offline navigation map with already downloaded map “is a must have – vs communication”
  • Communication can bring you other useful tips and invitations.
  • Thats essentially it, if you have more needed Software let us know in the comments.

Hitchhiking Links:

There is also not much to know. More or less only two thing.

Hitchwiki is the most imported website for hitchhikers in the world. You should: Check the Map with good hitchhiking spots and Download the hitchhike phrasebook with all the imported translation for most of the languages.

Hitchhike wiki MapsHitchhike wiki Phrasebook

Nomadwiki is the second important website for travellers they want to travel cheap. Tips and tricks from thousands of hitchhikers. Check it out, its awesome and helpful for all travlers.

My highlights of hitchhiking

Buh that´s a lot… Where to start? In general it´s to say if people picked me up, they always was friendly and kind. Only one time I left a car because the lady was totally drunk. All the rest was amazing. Only friendly people, … everywhere. Negativ and not open people will not pick you up! 😉

  • A driver drove me more than 600km than he needs to.
  • I can use the vacation house still if the owner it´s not there.
  • From invitations to free food and free clown medicine.
  • Awesome conversations, stories and Inspirations
  • Maybe more now in the blog