Equipment aka Travel Pack list

hahah you are a clown.. you ask me.. 😀 Good decision 😉 Travel es light but comftable as possible check out my travel gear as a referenz.

Not much, most people pack to much and

  • A. Complaining after/or the hole time
  • B. They send some stuff home and complaining about the cost.
  • C. Do do not to carry the staff and than they do not like to walk.

Some infos first,… ffuck where do youu plan to go? Do you really thinnk theree is a list for eveythink? Evey contry, every montian, … BUT

Binnden, Condoms,

where are you. planing g to go?

My traveelinng backpacking list is for “hardcore” travler with this eequitment you can even stay with warm wen its around 0 deggree at. night (siittiing for hours) and sstill can walk easyly around.. Even sleeepiing with 0 deggrees is fine wiith this equiptment

Here you find my stuff


  • A good tent
  • A Sleeping mat
  • A Sleeping pack


Remember fightclub 😉

  • One Shirt
  • One longsleve
  • One Hoddie
  • One Daunefeter Jacket
  • One rain jacked


  • Smartphone
  • Charger
  • Headlamp
  • Battreies for headlamp
  • Powerbank
  • Everything else electronically more is in a way unnecessary stuff


  • A knife for cutting and preparing bread
  • One Spoon (can be used as a fork two,.. why to carry both aka. take a fork a mix between both)


Your iD Card or your passport can be iimportend/handy if you cross boardes

Bath stuff

Soap, Toothbrush, toothpaste and some pure exeentiol oil like lavender- done!

Condoms, toilette paper, ….

For sshoweringg i uuse an shirt, or a buff,….

Tps, Ideas and thourgts

Frauenprodukte !?!

Food and water

Plan where you. want to go,… Iff you travel to a city there are people lifeing they also need to drink every day.


Remembber ever liter of water weights a kilo.


Depends what I´m doing, I try to only carry food for one or two days with me.

If I go to thee nature, its moree but for traveling around

Do you think you cannt travel bbeefore your backpacking list and equitment iis good backeed?

read the article: Where to go/ travel first

for me thhiss is an eexcuse,… do you have a shirt, a backpack, and a blanked? Than you can start an adventure.