Eat cheap

Tips trick and ideas to spend less money on food while you are traveling the world.

  • Dumpsterdiving
  • Ask for it – left overs
  • It grows everywhere
  • Buy cheap food
  • Where to get cheap food
  • Supermarkets in front of
  • Work away and Co.
  • Stop eating in resturants
  • Hostals and AirBnB
  • Social Center, squats, communites,
  • Homeless shelters
  • My storys with eating cheap while traveling
  • See the clown way to safe money


Where are supeermarkets, there are also bins. Maybe its strange for you in the first time to do it, but its worth it. There are a lot of documentation’s about this supject and its more than recommended to try it. For following reasons.

  • Get to much food (even for more people)
  • It´s free
  • It´s still good
  • Why not try it?

This is the easiest way to get a lot of food. More than one person can eat. At the bottom you find a wonderful story about my journey and how we feet 10-15 people for free for months only with 3 Euros a person a month.

Ask for it – left overs:

At strange as it sounds, asking is the key! Or should I say communication? There are different ways to do it.

I traveled with a friend that does not touch money (since 8 years) and he showed me how it could be done.

He walked in a resturant and asked for leftovers (best time is an hour before they are closing, sometimes they tell you if you can come back in 20/40 min. )

And he ask like this: Do you have food that you want to throgh away?

Or offer to work for it, like this:

Hello, I travel around the world/this place and I like to ask you if you have some work for me in exchannge for some food to eat.

It grows everywhere

When you travel look for food around you. and you can also ask locals what grows at this time of the year and. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables that will cross your way while traveling. From berries to all

  • Pick stuff from the ground from trees on your way
  • Be responsible and take only a little bit for your journey (you need to carry it…)

Buy cheap food while traveling

  • Look for local regional food
  • Ask locals for the cheapest place to get food
  • Ask locals what they eat or what they can recommend to eat cheap in there area
  • Sessonal food.. as always
  • Take some food for your journey from home

Where to get cheap food

  • Ask around where and what is the cheapest think to eat

In front of supermarkets:

It could happen when you only sit with your backpack in front of a supermarket that people offer you some of there food or buy some for you. Even without a sign or to ask for it. But if you make a sign or ask for some free food people are will not let you hungry there. Normally they like not to give money so much, but food is something else for them. With hand made music it properly goes faster to get what you are looking for.

Work away and Co.

That´s another way to get free food while traveling, but it´s not my “favourite” way. If you like to work and learn there are some networks to help to find “farm” work or similar work at local places.

At this places you work for some hours and you get for your work, a place to sleep and free food but mostly no money. I do not like it because in my point of few a

Stop eating in restaurants

It should be clear but to menchen it once, sure you can go once in a while in a resturant but it is always cheaper to eat not there. Prepare something for yourself, it while couchsurfing and learn the real local cooking way! Not influenced beliefs how food should taste!

I mostly take something like bread for the hitchhike journey and it warm again when I arrive somewhere. In this way you can safe a lot of money.

Ask yourself if you not cook this dice by yourself would be better because you can make it how you like. And if you like it you know how to make it again.

Hostels and AirBNB

If you stay in an hostel or something similar check if and what they have in there kitchen. A lot of hostels have a place in the kitchen for left overs from the other travellers that left this place… Check it. Mostly you find stuff like oil, some pasta, rice,… what the other travellers did not take on there journeys and thats free to use.

Social Center, squats, communs and more

When you go to a little bit bigger citys you will find alternativ projects everywhere. The have different

As an example Berlin: In Berlin it is super easy to eat cheap with this technique. There are so called Volksküchen or Vükos more or less every day where you can eat for a donation.

They mostly get some free food from supermarket´s that´s not that good looking anymore and cook a meal for there subculture.. people that like to “recycle food”, cook together to meet people, safe money and speak about there comen interests from music to political mostly left orientated subjects.

Homeless shelters

That could be your last option to get something to eat for free. Every bigger city has places for homeless people to get some food. Mostly its free or for a small fee. They people they work there are prepared for hungry people. If you need more or new closes that you can find there to even free to use showers. Its for most people not easy to go there but why not? When you travel that could be a way to, to help yourself.

My storys with eating while traveling

As you can imagine after all this years I have a lot of story´s, but most imported it never was a problem, it was even quit easy! People eat everywhere, you have my guarantee! 😉

  • While Hitchhiking a lady stopped and asked us where we want to go,.. after this was clear and we started to load stuff in the car she ask if we like to eat something,
  • Once I got picked up in swizerland and while traving I told them that I like cheese, after we finnished that journey because they need to leave the highway they invited me there to there home.
  • They german doctor that picked up up

You can eat mostly everywhere for 2-3 Euros or less a day if you know how. I even did a time with others where we lived with 3 Euros a mounth, even with gas for the car. It´s possible with even less! Here you can read the story about my best travel experience where I travelded with around 10 other people from all over the world for 30 Euros in total in a month.

Example food:

Ods and cheap Marmalade – RIce with Tomatesauce. Ods

I thing you get it, its on you… how you want to travel?

Check websites like this for inspirtion.

I could write more storys like this but its enough for now,.. try it for yourself