Drugs and Traveling

In my case I should call it medicine. A clown is in a way the definition of ADHS.

But if you are a weed smoker for medical reasons and you want to travel here are some tips how to travel more safe or how to get your medicine in different places on the globe.

  • Check Wetravelhigh
  • Bring some
  • How to find
  • Darkweb

How to find local weed online:

There are some quite useful sites for travellers where to find weed or hash locally like:

xxx xxx

There you can look for the country and city where you are plan to travel. You find on this sites places where local sell weed or hash on the streets, parks and others locations.

You see the normal prices for this area. And get some informations of the quality the are available there.


More and more people use the darknet to get there medicine and if you stay somewhere longer that could be a

Bring some:

As an example if you are traveling in Europe and