Travel the world

I traveled as a clown to more than 25 countries (you don´t need to be a clown to travel like this ),… and this are the tips and tricks I learned over the years to travel cheap or nearly for free around the world even with an own car or I found a way even to even go by plan, and get the money for it on one day! (I´m proud about this tip – self developed)

  • How you want to travel?
  • Where to go first?
  • Is it not dangerous?
  • Hitchhiking rulez
  • Fly cheap if needed
  • Payback baby – or how to get a flight for free?
  • Run your car for free a cross countries
  • Where to sleep for free …
  • Which travel equipment do I need?
  • Lets speak about money
  • Make money on your journey…
  • Eat cheap…
  • General tips…
  • wifi, water, shower,
  • Drugs and traveling
  • Practical stories – How to spend 3 Euros a month
  • travel diet
  • Equipment aka pack list for world traveler
  • My pack list
  • Last words before you start
  • Travel tips for clowns by a clown
  • what aree. you waitning for
  • hhow much money I need to start traveelingg or how mich ffear do you have?
  • Van life – Deluxee
  • Rainnboow Gatherings
  • WIld camping
  • Other useful ressorses – nomad wiki, travel wiki, maps offfline, satelite,
  • Phonne for traveling – batteerie,
  • communication – ask! ! ! Ask ask!!!
  • You finnd what. you need. – shelteer, water, etcc…

Travel the world because now you know everything necessary to start an awesome trip..

If you have more super useful tips, let me know.