The calculation

Everybody with a nose can generate 500  smilies a day, easily! 

… maybe not everybody have the time to make 500 people smiling everyday, maybe not even every week, but 500 smilies a mouth are quite easy. 

  • And to archive this goal you only need to spend 10 minutes outside on a busy place! Or 5 minutes at a playground for children. They will do the rest. 
  • Or you upload 2 pictures from your self (in best case with some else) in a funny moment to Facebook/Instagram or to your other favourite social media channel.
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Join the clown party….

Because statistically you have around 342 friends. And if the all smile only once, you have already more than 650 smiles generated.

In case you make a good picture with somebody else, and tag this person, then that picture become also shared with this person´s social media channel.  Than you generated already more than 650 smiles!

With only one picture!

Why we like to see this 500 smiles a mouth? 

Because, it´s easy, funny, health, and why not? It makes you and others to feel good. 

When we get 500 smiles a month, for a year, we have per person 6 000 smiles generated. And when we multiply this with 1 million people they should get a clown nose, than we broad 6 billion smiles more into this world!!!


  • 1  million clown noses *
  • 500 smilies a month per person =
  • 500 million smilies in one month, because of this project!
  • 500  millions + 12 months =
  • It´s 6 billions smiles a year.
  • 🙂 

.. and maybe we should do it more.. to make other people happy, it cost you nothing but it effects you too. Your brain will give you dopamin and serotonin to. If you do not like to do it for others, to it for yourself!

IMG 20170715 154922 2 1024x768 - The calculation


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