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If you like to support me, do it now by sharing the Link of this project: or even better, share your funny clown pictures together with this link on your favourite social media site´s.  

Share it! – – Share it! 

And tell them how awesome this project is.. 😉 But there are also some more ways…

Get some clown noses, donate some clown nose

IMG 20170808 163044 1 768x1024 - Support us
You could look like this, smiling…

I offer packs of clown noses for 10 Dollar, 20 Dollar or 30 Dollar, in this way I like to provide a cheap access for you, to make your own clown experiences and maintain this project with getting more clown noses for me to share with the world. 

  • 10 Dollar = 50 Clown noses
  • 20 Dollar = 110 Clown nose
  • 30 Dollar = 170 Clown noses
  • 40 Dollar = 250 Clown noses
  • 50 Dollar = 333 Clown noses

And you can order the clown noses here.

Paypal Donations

If you like this project and you like to support me, consider to make a paypal donation. I would be more than happy about it! And who wants a sad clown? 😉 

After your donation you come to a secret thank you site where you see some half naked and naked clowns. How god design them… in all there beauty.

Grow-smiles T-Shirts & Cloths

Another way to support this project is by getting some life changing, compfort zone leaving cothes, that will make you feel that you are on another planet. A much more happier one!

Smile if you masturbate man Tshirt removebg preview 3 - Support us
Smile if you masturbate shirt woman removebg preview 1 - Support us

More Styles



Check the different designs, products and the story here. And get yourself a “Smile if you masturbate” t-shirt, to maybe meet your future clown partner with it!

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You make a lot of people happy with it…

Sponsor support

With this 1 million clown noses I spread, I will also share a visit card, about this project! If you like to see your logo 1 million times spread around the world on my trip´s and here on the website,……….. than maybe you should contact me!

And you can also invite me to your place, here.