Smile T-shirts

This shirts are designed by Guacamole the clown himself! They are made to make other people smile, and as an awesome conversation starter! Belief me, you never walked around and saw that many smiling people. 😀

And belief me it really works… at the bottom you find a story about it.

The new version of the famous shirt:

Smile if you masturbate shirt woman 555x1024 - Smile T-shirts
Smile if you masturbate t shirt 569x1024 - Smile T-shirts

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And you can buy it here: Smile if you masturbate the T-shirt

Every purchase supports this project with a small donation.

This is how it´s start´s.

But now the story what happend with the sign: Smile if you masturbate! when I tried it in Portugal in Albuferia for the first time.

I was walking alone with this sign around and showed it to some people they crossed my way. I meet a lot of friendly people they invited me for drinks and conversations, on this day the idea to make a shirt out if it because of this because of the amazing respondes I got.

2015 06 13 00 20 37 1024x768 - Smile T-shirts
The famous clown from Portugal …

Even I meet a kind of famous clown from Portugal that showed me his magic tricks and we went to see another “busking” clown to speak and analyse his performance. And we still in contact…

And it´s all started with the sign: Smile if you masturbate

Smile if you masturbate clowns 1024x576 - Smile T-shirts
Ancient Trance – naughty clowns

That can happen when you stop with a sign or this shirt on a bridge and only wait for people to cross…. it was an amazing day at the Ancient trance festival. Plenty of people stopped to stand with us there for a while to see the reactions from the other people.

Next time we make a video that you can see the magic …

Until then, try it for yourself