Psychology behind

Psychology reasons for this project

  • Laughing, smiling and health 
  • Comfort Zone – try something new
  • Pay it forward – movement and film
  • To show what one person can start
  • Pick up Artist´s or self developing 
  • Glass full or glass empty? 
  • What I learnd
  • Nonkonformisten uniform
  • clowning 
  • Priming 

 People from poor countries smile 6 times more on a day, than the people from the“rich!?” countries!” Think a second about this…   


 Smiling & Laughing

You heard about laughing yoga


The hidden power of smiling

A real good tedx talk… ?

Comfort zone

Try something new,.. this is what you should do every single day! I like the metaphor about shopping,… a old and wise clown told me once :

“When normal people go to shopping, they always buy the same “100-400” products, even in some store are a couple of ten thousand products, it doesn´t matter, they buy always the same once.”

When I go to the supermarket he told me: “I always buy one new product I never tried before! After I can say I learned something new, … like we all should do every day”

“I like or even love it, or I know that it is not so tasty and I never need to buy it again or the third think is, it is ok but not so good but when I eat and combine it with something else than it becomes delicious?”

But at the most imported think is,… I learned something at the end! I have more things from to choose.

Pick up artists

dscf3284 - Psychology behindThey call it peacocking …

Wear something people can respond easy to, because you wear something “strange/different” and the people can ask: “Why are you wearing this?”  A clown is easier to spot in a big crowed than a normal person..

Do you saw the guy, with this clown nose? 

It´s a good feeling when you are in Portugal in Lissabon and a guy cross the street to tell you:” Oh I think I remember you, 3 years ago I saw you in north of greece”. And he was right, I was there at this time! But the moment he saw me I had not even the clown nose in my face,.. I had it as a gimmick on my hat. And he still remembered me…

Pay it forward movement

First of all, if you don´t know it yet, there is a movie about it 😉 . Watch it! Or at least read wikipedia about it. Because it´s not only a book, it´s not only a movie – it´s a movement too! One that you should join! 

IMG 20170821 175022 300x225 - Psychology behind

With a really good concept behind! Its about the snowball principal in a very beautiful way. 

Pay it forward day

Pay it forward wikipedia

Pay it forward movie stream

A nose that changes you live

The psychological reasons and effects how it is to become a clown, I can´t write down! You can experience it by yourself! And in my opinion you should give a try! You have nothing to lose, right? 😉 

For me and all the other clown´s I met, it changed a lot! As a clown you can do thinks there are not possible without a clown nose. If i on a party, if is on a birthday or even a conversation with the police! 

But one example what a clown can do I like to mention, it is the story about following: 

Why I spread clown noses

That other people can make this wonderful experience what I discovered on my journeys as a traveling clown. Its not simple to but it in words or pictures! 

To see people smiling, and spreading there smilies, .. its a wonderful nice to carry around gift what can has a big effect on everybody,.. what can change there prospective of life

And its the best visit card. People will remember it! 

Why we like to give 1 million clown noses away

I´d like to show that everybody can change the world, because when you change your world or better your prospective of life, you can change your own world and in this way you effect the lives of others too!

And I decided to change my world!

An empty or an full glass!?

I think everybody knows that phrase or question: “Is the glass full or empty?”

For me its for two reason´s not a good question anymore, because:

1.  It´s a  from the linguistic point of few a double bind, it means you can choose between two things, but in the end you a narrowed with your brain with this two chooises. 

2. I like to say: ” It dosen´t matter if the glass is full or empty, when you now where to get water!” (I´m happy to develop this 😉 .. If you quote it you can tell it was guacamole 😉 )

3. A hypnotherapist I like told this: “The glass is always full,.. even when it´s half full with water,.. the rest is full of air! ”

As you see as a normal human you can choose between half full or half empty, as a clown… you can step out of this limiting behaviour by using a clown nose! 


Priming on Wikipedia

Facts about priming


If you have interesting infos, studies or other related material was fits here let me know in the comments or write me an mail…

The mirror don´t smile, before you don´t smile!