How it start´s

How its start that I got my first clown nose

I was listening to a “political/medical” cabaret show and this wonderful artist  Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, recommended to have a clown nose in the car, in case there is a traffic jam coming, to entertain your car neighbors “and yourself”…

unbenannt - How it start´s
Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen

But I had no clown nose and no car, but the seed was planted…

Some months later I visited a really good friend of mine Sabrina “is her wonderful name” in Berlin and found a picture collage from her last job as a social worker, where she made with everybody a picture with a clown nose.

befunky collagegirls - How it start´s
        It looked like this,… Happy clowns

I liked the picture a lot and told here about this cabaret show and that I like to have a clown nose,… than she told me, she has some more because she ordered a big amount of noses… … like you can do here … and gave me my first clown nose…      Thanks for this by the way.. 

In the same night we went out in Berlin to go to a concert and I took the nose with me.

That night changed happily my life!

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Mexican semi gangster while hitchhiking

On the way I tried the clown nose in the underground and felt first time the power of a clown nose / “costume”. When we were on the train, she told me to make something funny for two guys, she pointed, which looked like ”gangsters”, people with you can´t make a joke.


She sad: ,, Make it with this two guys and they will kill you.”

I went close to them and put my finger on my clown nose and made a biep, biep sound and directly went one step back after because I had in mind: “Now I get a punch.”, but the only think what they did, was putting there finger at my nose and made a biep, biep sound, too…

I found out in this moment everything is allowed as a clown… You can do whatever you want. 

1501699 10151785562871816 1501060732 n - How it start´s
Hitchhiking in Mexico

After this moment, I always have the clown nose with me. And I like to use it when I hitchhike, go to supermarkets or I´m going out and in the mood for it.

Than I went with 25 clown noses to Mexico to travel a bit around and have “some” fun.

And I had in mind to find there 1000 clown noses to spread them, that more people can have this wonderful experience´s, that I had.

Finally found the noses and bought even more to spread red noses as seeds to Grow smiles, in the end I bought 1400 noses. And then I gave them for free away, when I meet new people while traveling and hitchhiking or also when I had the feeling they need a clown nose.

40ee2446 fda0 4e6b 85d0 7af786a44d6c - How it start´s
My birthday party in Mexico

I meet a lot of nice, funny, friendly and interesting people while traveling and I and them enjoyed the clown pictures, shows and time a lot.

Than I found out when I give clown noses away, this people make more people happy than I can do by my self.. they produce smiles because I share a opportunity with them.

For me its really nice to see when I give people a clown nose and they start acting, and a lot are better clowns than I´am and this is another joy that comes with this project. 

What changed in my life or what I learned from it

2015 11 24 17 15 06 - How it start´s
Clown and police kiss

Everything is possible… “as a clown” but we all have a clown in us that want´s to come out! And we don´t need a clown nose to get the clown out! And most important that its easy to make people smilie or even happy..

That “a” smilie cost nothing except our own muscle power… and even produce hormones that makes us in this moment happy!

You live in a better world, instantly .. everybody smiles back to you (because of mirror neurons).

dscf3116 - How it start´sThan after the clown nose I found out that I create the world by my self,.. when I don´t smile to people they don´t smile but when I smile there mirror neurons tell them you can smile too, he is not dangerous.

To be continued… !?! 😉