Help Projects

Build a school

I want to prove that I can build a school in a poor country without having money by myself but by dedicating time, effort and love into it!

I belief it´s simple.. with your help!

That´s the plan:

  1. Find someone that helps with the Satzung
  1. Write the concept
  2. Create the website
  3. Ask in FB groups and personal friends for printing time / help!
  4. If I find 50 people with a printer it should be enough
  5. Everybody prints maybe 50 to 100 copys for this project
  6. We share the copys and write about the project in some fb groups
  7. We collect money from the members and organise us on a website
  8. Collect donatied stuff
  9. Start this project

3D Print Prothesen for people in need

The mission is to help people all around the globe with 3D Printed Prothesen while rasing awereness about plastic & plastic recycling.

I pack my 5 – 3D Printers in a bus and donate for this project my self build plastic shredder and an extruder to make new filament. I will also organise an old washing mascine for the recycling or cleaning progress. We make also make free glasses for the people on the way!


Supporting Companys

Extruder – Shredder – Printers – Filament – Bus – Motivated People – 3D Scanner