Digeridoo ultra light

This Digeridoo I sell to support my clown Projekt. It’s a really amazing Digeridoo. And it’s crazy how strong it is and even what sound it produces even with this small size.

If you buy it here you safe some money and get a few more clown noses than on ebay.

Travel Digeridoo – Ultralight

Digeridoo für Beginner und Experten
– Für Digeridoo Beginner da einfach zu Spielen
– Für Digeridoo Experten da einfach zu transportieren und besonders stabil
– Für Digeridoo Liebhaber aufgrund des  einzigartigen Design’s.


  • Height 16,5 cm
  • Width around 7 cm
  • Weight under 150 gramm
  • tuned on E
  • Made in Deutschland
  • Made with bioplastic
  • High Qualität and super stable
  • Unyce design – can only made with 3D Printing

avalible inn diffeerent colors
Grün, Schwarz, weiß, etc…


  • Beginner plays the Travel Digeridoo
  • Expert plays the Travel Digeridoo

– Stabilität Gewicht 80kg plus

– 20 Euro are for this project. For a better and funny world
– 5 Clown Nasen gratis
– Transports Beutel

Bei Fragen, einfach fragen! 😉

The price for one:

The pricee for 10 Digeridos