Clown workshop by Guacamole the clown

For a few hours you will get in a deeper touch with your inner Clown!

Stories, Ideas, concepts and some nice clown exercises. Learn how to make some magic tricks & balloons animals. And most likely you get a red clown nose.

PS: You will love the clown party! 😉

Content of the workshop:

Short Workshop

  • 1 min – Quality hug
  • 30 min – Magic tricks
  • 30 min – Balloons animals
  • 1 hour – Clown party outside
  • 1 hour – Clown “exercises”
  • 15 min story´s about clown life

+ Clown nose & balloons included

Only 25 Euro

Long Workshop

  • 1:30 min – Quality hug
  • 1 hour – Magic tricks
  • 1 hour – Balloons animals
  • 1:30 hour – Clown “exercises”
  • 1 hour – Clown party outside
  • 30 min – story´s about clown life

+ Clown nose & balloons included

Only 40 Euro

Check out the FB group for more informations

PS: No dresscode … and no skills requierd 😉

Birthday Clown Shows for children

Guacamole the clown, comes to town! Book me for a birthday party or other funny or non funny events! A bit a typical Clown: Some jokes, a bit of Ventriloquism, Ballons and some magic tricks combined with a somehow strange look, a big smile and one or two or maybe even more red noses. 😉

The show is only 180 Euro for an hour!Order it here

Included: Arrival is included (up to 1 hour driving time), Clown noses for everybody, balloons for all the children, confetti (if allowed), ……. and a lot of smiles!

For bigger shows or events, please write me an email an ask for conditions.

PS: For events I also offer to make huge soap Bubbles!

Experienced Travel workshops

Better than all the tips from TV or Youtube and more fascinating than any movie or book!

Traveling life! Experience the world with the eyes of an real street artist (a lazy one) and a hardcore traveler. This tips are for all travellers useful! I developed tricks and ways to travel cheap, I never saw somewhere else!!! Enjoy the world by yourself, not at a screen.

PS: You don´t need to be an street artist,… 98% of the tips works for all people! But I even teach you how you can make some money – on the road, as an street artist.

  • Price: 15 Euros
  • Time: 2 – hours
  • Group size : max. 150 people

How to spend only 3 Euros a month while traveling even with your own car ( diesel car – with fuel – no street busking required – oil is the key word) for accommodation, gas, food and shelter?!? Or how to get a flight ticket “in a few days” or even on one day for free! Or how to fill up your gas tank for free in less than 30 min for you car, by only asking one simple question.

A whole serie for you tube is in preparation!

Check out the FB group for more informations

Some more infos in the blog!

Communication Workshop

That´s my favorite workshop and I think personally the most importend workshop of all the workshops I offer! I huge field of subjects we speak about, like:

Hypnose NLP in Berlin 1024x731 - Booking
Hypnosis is so much more …
  • Hypnosis – Milton + Rapid Induktion ..
  • NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming ..
  • Rhetorik in general – GFK and more..
  • Body language – Seduction and in general ..
  • Price: 45 Euros
  • Time: 5 – 6 – hours
  • Group size : max. 50 people
Content of the workshop:
Milton Patterns
Suggestibility Test
Rapid Induction
Therapy with hypnosis
Show Hypnosis
pacing leading
Neuralgic level
Downwords inflections
Body languageRhetoric in general
Power pose
Derren Brown

Guarantee: If you learn nothing, you do not need to pay anything!

And I will invite you for some drinks after or marry you! Deal? What do you have to lose?

IMG 20170821 192105 1024x768 - Booking
Solution-oriented communication is important! 😀

Hypno-Massage Workshop

What is better than a massage? Yes, you are right,….. a super relaxing hypno-massage!

You will learn about hypnosis & trance in general and about the “Milton Erickson” way (speech patterns like a “guided meditation“), to guide “your partner” into a nice and deep trance state. And you will learn how to give suggestions… deepen the trance state and get & receive properly the best massage of your life!

abstract 1299334 1280 1 300x249 - Booking
Hypno Massage
  • Price: 35 Euros
  • Time: 3 – 4 hours
  • Group size: max. 40 people
  • Please bring: yoga mattress or something comfortable to sit & lay down on

I developed this workshop after some years of giving hypnosis workshops because hypnosis and trance are both about relaxation and letting go of your “tension”, the same as in a massage. They fit wonderful together. And in this way, it is possible to combine the patterns I teach, directly with some practice, to deepen the new learned technics and enjoy a really nice massage at the same time.

If you come without a partner, we will build couples from the people that came without a partner or build one three person couple. Have in mind that maybe than your preferred gender is maybe not available, if you come alone!

A few more infos about hypno massage you can find here: Hypno massage – blogpost or check the Facebook group for upcoming hypno massage dates.

Check out the FB group for informations about the Hypno Massage workshops in Berlin

Hypno Massage

The best way,… to deeply relax!

Kargyraa – Throat singing workshop

Can you feel the vibration? I guide you to your first hours of Kargyraa, polyphonic singing or so called Mongolian throat singing.

Feel the relaxing and unique sound of throat singing! In this Workshop you learn how to start with Kargyraa or Mongolian throat singing. You learn some exercises to practice, get some good tips and tricks, I collected over the years of throat singing.

For beginners, no skills required. And yes, woman can do and learn it too!

Kargyraa lernen Berlin - Booking
  • Price: 25 Euros
  • Time: 1 – 2 hours
  • Group size : max. 50 people
  • Or I give private Skype sessions
  • Or lessens in Berlin

It´s a thing of practice. Most people need weeks or even months to “perfect”/perform this technic well. But you learn everything in this workshop to become, with some practice, as good as you can be!


PS: Private Skype teaching sessions are available too. 45 Euros for 50 min. Write me an E-mail for more informations.

Check out the FB group for informations about the Kargyraa workshops in Berlin

Sound healing with Kargyraa in Berlin

The sound waves the leaves our mouths are touching the hole body of the person we “communicate” with. Words and sounds are really touching us!

I will sing and perform for you an half hour of deeply relaxing throat singing sounds for only 35 Euros in my place or close to my place, for 40 Euros more I will visit you at your home or a place that´s around 1 hour away form where I live (Berlin – Neukölln).

If you wish, with a Loopstation (RC 505), for more modern shamanic clown journey´s.

Check this Example here:

Check out the FB group for informations about the Kargyraa workshops in Berlin

WordPress Webdesign Workshop

wordpress 1810453 1280 1024x1015 - Booking

Discover the world of one of the most used open souce software paket and most used website creation tool in the world and become your own webdesigner! Its easyier than ever! You are just a few clicks away – for absolute beginner!

  • Price: 45 Euros
  • Time: 4 – 5 hours
  • Group size : max. 15 people

WordPress installation – WordPress configuration – WordPress Website and/or blog – WordPress Design – Plugins – SEO – Costumizer – and how to start your own webshop!

You will install & create a site for you with different pages, contact formula for email, change the design of your site – start a blog in your site – learn to use wigets and plugins, put pictures inside your new site. And learn how to adminsitrat your wordpress site.

More infos about the WordPress workshops in Berlin

Some examples:

The magic cube – Art “game” & Painting Therapie

Since 8 years I play this “game” once in a while, to understand people better, show them the power of art and there own subconscious mind. This workshop is about you! Not about painting high quality pictures…

Art therapy Workshop berlin1 - Booking
  • Price: 20 Euros
  • Time: 1 – 2 hours
  • Group size : max. 20 people

You paint a picture and I analyse it. You will be amazed how much you show by painting 5 simple objects. We do it in a group that you can understand how this “game” works.

After the workshop you are able to play it with others! It´s an awesome conversation starter for deeper talks and a nice way to know the person you are playing with.

More infos about the magic cube workshops in Berlin

Ventriloquist for videos or events

Enjoy the art of Ventriloquism. I make the puppet say, what you want to say?!?

Bildschirmfoto 2020 07 02 um 19.05.34 1 256x300 - Booking
One love
  • Price: 40 Euros
  • Time: 500 words
  • For a video – E-mail me for it

Right now, I only have one puppet, but I can do different voices for you: Robot/Mongolian Throat Singing “unique”- little childishold man. Soon more…

I also work on a workshop how to become an ventriloquist. This workshop will happen soonish.

If you wish to book me for an event,…

… write me an e-mail!

More infos about the magic cube workshops in Berlin

Wire Tree fabrication – meditativ art

il 1588xN.1920461000 9zml removebg preview 1 - Booking
Wire tree

While I was 2012 in Mexico I learned from an Argentinian street artist how to make this beautiful wire trees.

I liked the look of this trees and I liked that this guy made for Mexican standarts quite a lot of money buy selling this trees on the streets.

He teached me his technic and since them I like it even more. Even the making is kind of meditativ, relaxing and a lot of fun.

This workshop is quite fast done! Its fast and really easy to learn, even for children!

  • Time: 45min around
  • Price: 10 Euro

Material needed: Metal wire and a multitool/pliers and maybe some nail polish or pearls for the decoration of the wire tree, but this is optional and not needed.

If you wish to book me for an event,…… write me an e-mail!

3D Printing and 3D Design

Beginner course

3D Druck Workshop in Berlin 971x1024 - Booking
Game changer – 3D Printing
  • Overview where to start with 3D printing
  • Different Maschines – what machine to choose
  • 3D Files and how to print them
  • Where to get “free” 3D files
  • How to design for 3D Printing
  • Create simple 3D objects
  • Learn about different materials
  • Calibrate the Maschine for first layer
  • Print some small 3D files
  • Price: 50 Euros
  • Time: 4 – hour
  • Group size : max. 6 people

Advanced course

3D Drucker Bau Workshop Berin - Booking
The future in your home
  • Learn all the things from the above
  • And how to build your own 3D Printer
  • From electronic to mechanics
  • How to fix your 3D printer
  • How to improve your 3D prints
  • How to make the firmware
  • Print something with your printer
  • All parts will be already there to start
  • Price: 199 Euros
  • Time: 2 – 3 days
  • Group size : max. 5 people
  • Plus around 650 Euro for the printer:
  • Spezifikations: Big print area x-30cm + y-30cm + z-30 cm
  • Fast and quite – Big Nozzle Extruder/Volcano
  • PS: This is the price for all the pieces!

Together only: 649 Euro for the printer, workshop and for an hour support after the workshop. Only in the beginning of 2021!

3D printed parts for you

3D Printing Service Berlin 1 - Booking

You need a missing or broken part or object on or somewhere else or you even designed it by yourself and you like to have it 3D printed? Then I´m your clown…

Than send me an email with your file/s and I tell how much it would cost. And please tell me: The what color do you want? Which material/which propose it is for? And which size..

Is it a 3D printed part from a side like send me the link and I tell you the price.

Send me an mail with you request

Lock picking in Berlin

Learn how to open simple looks, and get an overview about security of locks! We speak about biometric sensors like fingerprint sensors. Or about 3D printing and a simple single photo of “your” key or “your” hand/finger can be a security problem. But mostly we spend our time with lock picking some different locks.

Workshop Berlin Lockpicking 1024x950 - Booking
Lockpicking in Berlin
  • Price: 20 Euros
  • Time: 1 – hour
  • Group size : max. 15 people

You can get a set of simple tools for opening locks and a transparent test lock for 15 Euros more! Without its more than half the fun! My tip, order it long time before or order it when you order this workshop.

Check out the FB group for more informations:

About my workshop “carier”:

If you like to see my workshop vita … check it here!

How I started with the workshops – My Workshop history

If you like to invite me to your festival or event let me know here.

Lot of love and laughter

your clown


Workshops and Clown Show´s

  • Guacamoles Birthday Clown Shows – for children
  • Clown Workshops with magic elements – for beginner
  • Experienced Travel workshops – for “future” travellers
  • Communication workshop – Hypnosis, body language, NLP
  • Kargyraa for beginner – Overtone singing or throat singing
  • Music healing – Sound healing with Kargyraa
  • WordPress Workshop – Making professional websites yourself
  • The magic cube – Art therapy – conversationstarter “game” or self reflection
  • 3D Printing and 3D Design – Learn about this industry changing technic
  • Guacamoles 3D printing service – I print the parts you need
  • Lockpicking Workshop – learn to open simple locks