Become a clown

How to become a clown? Its simple, easy and really fun,.. you are very lucky to ask yourself this question. Than here is your/an answer…

Do what you want to do! Leave your comfort zone, try something new, break “your” routines, discover your inner child again, be more playful and wondering about life and be more happy or “sad”! Everything is allowed!

But do it, and the easiest and funniest way to do it, its with a clown nose and some people you like around! Get a clown nose or some color and use it, on you and on others 😉

IMG 20170821 192105 1024x768 - Become a clown

It´s easier for people to leave there comfort zone with a clown nose!

What you also can do:

  • Take a clown nose and go to a hospital to make people happy (life changing)
  • Watch some clowns on youtube or somewhere else to learn/copy some clown patterns…
  • Paint yourself a clown nose and go to a playground. Properly the easiest way.
  • Go to a clown workshop, … there normally more around you than you think!
  • Go to Guacamoles amazing clown workshop in Berlin

What you not can do:

By the way, I think you know – you get cheap good clown noses here on my site, and in them same time you donate with every think that you buy here to this amazing project!

IMG 20170824 125247 2 1024x768 - Become a clown
The magic of a clown nose

Another solution invite me, Guacamole the clown to town. Here

Express yourself! Nobody can do it for you!