Under: How it start´s 

dscf3284 - About… you can find out why I spread already thousands and thousands of clown noses. And why I like to give 1 million clown noses away.

And which effect it had on me to become a clown. And last but not least how I became a clown.



Under: Psychology…

11391616 10153348815069464 5079521125089063226 n - About… you can find the psychological  reasons for this project or why to smile more and how does smiling effects you,..

Join the happy clown club.

And other interesting related informations, why to live a happy life… ?



Under: The calculation 

11147241 10153348812099464 3103633737720210935 n 300x200 - About… see the calculation, to understand how I plan to reach the goal of 1 billion smiles. 

This should show that a single person can change something. 

And this with no huge effort! Only with a little bit of your help! 


Under: Become a clown

IMG 20170823 123910 300x225 - About… ways to become a clown.

… or why I should try to be a clown.

Tips, Tricks and ideas how you can start your amazing clown journey today.

Express yourself! Nobody can do it for you! It´s easy and fun!!!


Under: Looking forward  

IMG 20170821 175022 300x225 - About… let´s plan the future together! I have big plans for the future and I will travel to all 5 continents.

And you can join! 


Be a part of it! And support this journey… 


IMG8560 681x1024 - About
Enjoy your inner clown