3D Printing

I offer different 3D Printing Workshops in Berlin from running and maintaining it to build your own 3D Printer. I work since 15 years in the field of 3D and since years I build 3D -printers. Even I work and construct quite special 3D printers, but that´s another topic…

I offer two kinds of workshops, from beginner to advanced:

From beginner to hero

  • You learn to build your own 3D printer
  • – From Mechanics to electronics to firmware
  • You learn how to construct objects
  • – How to preapre 3D Objects for 3D Printing
  • How to print the 3D Files
  • And tips, tricks and a overview of 3D Printing


Everythink what you need to build a 3D Printer. From the 3D Printed parts to the aluminium profils, motors, electronics, cables, microcontroller and display even the screws and nuts are included.

This is a 2-3 days workshop! All parts will be provided to build your own 3D Printer. You need to pay and Reservate at least 5 weeks before. After this workshop you can construct your own “simple” objects. Now how to prepare the files for printing and can print them with your own 3D printer.

Price: 799Euro – Workshop and your own 3D printer

One day 3D Printing workshop

We speak about which 3D Printers are out on the market there and what there are capable of and which one whould be a good fit for your needs.

How to get free printing files, how to modify it, how to use support, brighting and more the optimise your

From layer hight to support structures to how fast you can print or how you can print faster 😉

Workshop time around 5-6 hours

Price: 99 Euro

About my and my experience with 3D.

Around 20 years ago I started my first 3D Software, around 18 years ago I had my first expereience with 3D Printing and scanning at my old job at a Fraunhofer Institute. Since them I followed the development and sprea