Hypno Massage

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A few words about,…

… the hypno massage workshop…

Let me guide you throw your first hours of hypnosis.

“Hypno Massage” it´s simple to learn and the learned skills will even help you in your daily life!

Because you also learn something about communication patterns that surround us every day. After you are also more resistent to street marketing and manipulativ rhetoric in general and have some more tools to “guide” your children or other people. 😉

Content of the workshop

  • Hypnosis basics, trance, the history, what it is, how to use it, what is possible, …
  • You learn “Milton Erickson” Trance Patterns like:
  • Und – Während- true ism – double bind – downword inflections – analoges markieren – psyeudologische verbindung – negations – utilisieren – suggstiv questions
  • Exercisses and Massage time – around +2 hours
  • Extra: Some realation ship communication skills and tips
  • Extra: Question time about Hypnosis and NLP
  • Extra: You get a list with free good quality learn stuff about hypnosis to contiune your journey.
  • Extra: A link to a secret group of hypnosis interessested people from Berlin to share and grow together.

Hypno Massage – A holiday for the brain the body and the soul!

I do not teach massage technics in this workshop, it´s more about learning and using hypnosis to give a much better massages. As a second “layer” on top of the massage!

You always can give the suggestion that your workshop partner feels the best and most relaxing massage of all time! And that every touch and every good feeling is 10 times or 100 times stronger than before.

It´s not a sexual workshop! But, it can be used as a sexual tool, if you and your workshop “partner” want that. It´s about relaxation, letting your stress go and enjoy every haptic feeling much more than before. If you want to give your partner “dirty” suggestions,… it´s on you… and on our partner 😉

  • PS: With this new skill you are also an a path to make your own guided meditations!
  • PS 2: I will make this workshop not as a clown,… sometimes even clowns transform into a “normal” person. 😉

A few more words about Hypno Massage you find under booking, here.

If you have questions ask in the facebook group or send me an email.

See you soon, at the workshop,…

Greetings Mark

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