Clown Fetisch or naked clowns!?

She not only had a clown fetish, she also had a german fetish… She ask met a few hours later if I like to merry her. Since them,.. I belief in clown fetish…

If you look for something like this:

Naked clown girls, clown porn, funny clown, clown sex, sexy clown,.. sex with clowns…

IMG 20170815 103432 1024x768 - Clown Fetisch or naked clowns!?

Than there is a way to make you happy… If you donate on my site you will come to a site with some beautiful and crazy naked and half naked clowns… exclusive pictures and videos that I collected on my journeys!

PS: Once I meet fuck for forrest on my journeys… and I know of them still today….. If you want to know or see more? Donate! 😀

P9130716 1024x768 - Clown Fetisch or naked clowns!?

And dear fellow reader, if you exist,… this is a test to see if I can push this project with a dirty subject! Right now nobody donated online…

Only one person did it (in a way) after I changed for fun(this is what clowns are doing,…) under my donation button a small text, saying something like this:

IMG 20170813 143710 768x1024 - Clown Fetisch or naked clowns!?

If you donate, as a small gift you will be redirected to a Thank you site with some sexy naked and half naked clowns.

One day later I had my first paypal donation. (0.01 Doller). Even normally not many people visit my site. Lets see what will happen now,… I guess not much… 😉

P9130725 1024x768 - Clown Fetisch or naked clowns!?

In the beginning I mostly wrote this post to see how many people look for clown porn on the internet. When you run a website you can see how people find your website. And I´m a little bit curious about that..

IMG 20170813 143656 768x1024 - Clown Fetisch or naked clowns!?

Maybe you are one of them 😉 In some years I will post an update how it changed my website traffic. … until than, enjoy the donation site. Here

PS: If you want to donate some naked clown pictures for the donation site.. it would be funny 🙂

? Send an email… ?

IMG 20170818 185813 768x1024 - Clown Fetisch or naked clowns!?
Have a nice day,…

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