Here you find the story about the project Grow-Smiles.com and the idea behind it. And you will understand why I gave already thousands and thousands of clown noses for free away (15 000 already) and why I like to share 1 million clowns noses, with the world. Or how I can bring easily 6 billion smiles more to this wonderful place… the answer you find here.

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The psychology and the motivation behind this project you can find here. Than you will understand more and more why I do this project. 

You find a lot of awesome clown pictures and videos from my project and from my different journeys here

And there is also my Guacamole the clown blog, where you find from travel story´s and pictures to thoughts from a clown, behind the nose material, and more … 

Or you can buy some clown noses from us to make “our” dream from a happier world come true and experience the wonderful magic world that I clown can live in. 

And if you like to support the project grow-smiles.com you can do it here,..

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Life changing Shirt´s

If you like to meet new people, see more people smiling or to leave your compfort zone more often, than why not to try a grow-smiles.com shirt with the sentence:

Smile if you masturbate.

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More styles available !
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With every shirt you buy you donate around 2 Euros for more clown noses and this project in general! Thanks for changing the world with more smiles.

And if you like to invite “the” clown´s to town, than you can do it here! Because we (me and a friend that I found on the way, meet became a clown again ) like to travel the world and share smiles and clown noses. 

Love you all, …your smiling clown

Holy Guacamoleee!

PS: Remember –  The mirror doesn’t smile before you don’t smile… right!? 😉